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try this exercise for helping with phlegm

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hi folks,

i read this great book by debra lynn, "the bel canto buzz."

i wrote to her to let her know how much i liked the book, and she sent me this great exercise to help with phlegm.

with her permission, here's the link to the exercise, and the link below to her web site.





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yes, but sometimes you'll read another book and the author has a way of explaining things just a little bit better or different, or they add an additional tip or experience that you can relate to...or it clicks with you in that this has happened to you as well...sometimes they write more "street smart" (like daniel) which might be a better way to get the knowledge not cloaked in confusing terminology.

one of the things she mentions is the need to keep the soft palate up for the high notes (which we know) but to remember to keep the palate up for the low notes as well, which a lot of singers tend to forget, because the act itself is counterintuitive. the soft palate wants to drop on the lower notes and if you allow it to, you head right back down into your throat.

i make a point to read a book as part of study .....

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I wouldn't say I am experienced at all. But applying some stuff she mentioned in the book into Ken Tamplin's workout worked like a charm.

Just thought you might be interested in,

That's Debra Lynn's Bel Canto vocal teacher.

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