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Full voice, falsetto or whistle?

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Ok, so here is a clip of me singing the ridiculous part of Gethsemane (JCS).

I sang this song last friday, and someone said the last part was full voice.

I'm fairly certain it cannot be, but rather some form of falsetto.

I recorded a clip today and (out of respect for my neighbors) I did not push/squeeze as much as I use to, but now I think it almost sounds "whistle"-like?

What's your take?


For reference, the notes are:

Just watch me die

C4 Bb3 Ab3 G3

See how I die

C4 D4 Eb4 G4

See how I diiiiiii i a a ie

C5 D5 Eb5 G5 Ab5 G5 F5 Eb5

And yeah, I sound like a synth up there due to iPhone recording… Sorry bout that :)

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to me, i just make it simple.......can you sustain those notes?

if you can sustain them without air rushing out of you, without breathiness in the phonation, you sang in a connected voice.....whether the folds connected lightly or were strongly compressed.

so going with that mindset, i'd say the last notes were lightly connected head tones.

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