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songs that test your air management (excluding opera)

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i thought it would be cool to start a post about songs that really call for skill with air management and/or support.

where the lack of it will impact the ability to sing the song well, if at all.

list the song, and the part that call for the skill.

i have one to begin:

chris isaak, that 12-15 second f4# he holds solid at the end of "wicked game" is not easy. you never hear him mess that up and it's so smooth and solid. it's a t 2:10..try it....


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"Paradise City" by Guns and Roses, even if you are not trying to sound like Axl. Just keeping up with the amount of lyrics and maintaining legato can create quite a bit of effort, unless you are placed correctly. But definitely a song you cannot "phone in."

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