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Vocal fry between head and chest voice?

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Hi Jeran,

A sound clip would be nice.

Though I'm 95% sure that you are singing in between modes (CVT terminology). The modes are like four "gears" in the voice. And if you think of a car - then what you are doing is that you are driving between ex. second and third gear and that creates the "noise". To solve this you have to stay within one of the four gears. :)

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I used to experience this as well, I think as a result of doing the Singing Success "edge" exercises so much and making it too much of a habit. It fixed itself after I started practicing twang/pharyngeal resonance by doing a sustained "ng" (as in "sung") sound on scales for a week or two.

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Usually soft to medium. If I sing louder, I break. I'm hoping to build volume and coordination at the same time.

got to hear a clip..okay? maybe, just maybe, you don't have enough support and chord clousure as you ascend in pitch (just trying to help, no credentials, not an instructor).

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VIDEOHERE, Jeran: Vocal fry happens when the breath energy is insufficient for the adduction and registration.

An exercise I would recommend to you is a modified version of the messa di voce. Begin a note in the passaggio medium-softly, and every so slightly breathy, on the oh vowel. Cresendo just a little until the tone quality clears... is no longer breathy, and sustain that quality for the remainder of the note.

Repeat for each of the notes in the passaggio region.

Then, go back and repeat the exercise on ay, and then on ah.

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