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anime song... try not to laugh hard at my japonese accent :P

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Hi! I would never expect someone invite me to sing an anime song... until it happened =O

Portuguese to japonese... wow... xD I really can't miss a challenge and for that one I bugged hardly all my family and neighbours with this song for how so many times I had to replay this song and I sung it until learn half of the lyrics for 3 long days xD

Dear You Feel it's the english song title and talks about missing badly someone very special!

here it is:

of course I couldn't do to much with my voice how much concentrated I was trying not miss the lyrics... and because I practiced the lyrics with a diferent version, when I tried a slower instrumental it caused some rythm mess that I try to work on but here and there you can listen the rythm diferences.

thanks for watching and for any comment :)

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