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Sharp pain in the left side of my head (temple area) when singing high

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Dion Montana 888

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Hi guys

Just wondering if any one has come across this problem I used to sing in a band years ago and all was good but in the last few years I seem to get a sharp pain is the left side of my head around the temple area when I sing higher notes or falsetto, I have had an MRI and that was all fine and my doc puts it down to "your just getting older" but I want to sing and not be held back by the thought of this sharp pain. Can anyone help me. Thank you.

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Do you have any hearing trouble in general? I have a problem depending on the frequency and volume, mostly higher and loud stuff like mic'd up National Anthems at Sporting Events, concerts without earplugs etc. When it hits that "sweet" spot my hearing from my left ear starts to crackle/pop and it hurts my left ear the same way it hurts if music is next-to-a-plane loud or something similar (I blame going to see Mastodon live my freshman year of college on a whim when my friend asked me a day before, and we fought our way to the front, right against the main power amp/speakers. All without hearing protection, of course. It hurt for the next few days).

Likewise, if I'm singing really resonantly some notes (usually higher ones that are resonating up in my head) sometimes causes the same "pain in ear" reaction, but it's very rare.

So if your MRI was fine than that's my best guess; some kind of hearing loss/problems.

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