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Hi, I was here a few months ago as Rosannasfriend

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I made a video with Franco Tenelli, and we used his instruments and production to record Take Back the Night.

I was reallly hoping I would be ready to be uploading videos, but I messed up on falsetto notes and sounded very off pitch on a lot of notes. And I don't like his accompaniment at all, but I cannot be rude because he's the only person I know who would help me for $60 with all the editing and production.

I originally said I just wanted a cappella, but I allowed him to tempt me into some accompaniment. Next time I will keep it simple.

Anyway, this is much better than how I sounded even a few months before this recording, but its still disappointing. I am so far behind where I expected to be at this time. I really thought I would have uploaded 4 or 5 videos, and started getting a small fanbase, but I don't know WHY anyone would want to follow me listening to this amateurish video.

I don't have money, I don't have a job, I don't have family support, I am a 32 year old loser who is already too old for the business. I don't know why I'm still doing this, except I cannot fathom not doing it. Either option, doing or not doing is kind of upsetting to me at this point. I'[m so bitter, and I'm ending 2013 as someone who's watching all these superstars achieving her dreams. I started this journey in 2009, and it has taken me FOUR YEARS TO MAKE A VIDEO, ONE THAT IS LOUSY.

Anyway, the only thing I can do before I can afford to see Tenelli again is get whatever tips I can from you guys. Please just be gentle with me. I know you will, but be extra gentle, cause I'm already writing this fighting tears. Thanks.

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first of all, it took courage to place yourself on you tube.....congratulate yourself for that.

second, you must not, must not put yourself down, your voice is listening and whatever you tell your voice, it will see that you get your wish......feed it confidence, trust and belief in yourself.

third, re-read #2.

hope i've helped.

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Don't worry about whether you can hit the notes or not. That is not your problem. When singing think of the song and what it means. You seem to be singing without having an emotional connection to the song.

Maybe you are distracted by the camera.

Videohere mentioned that your voice is listening and whatever you tell your voice it will see that you get your wish. The same thing applies to while you are actually singing. Think of the song and what you intend to project from the song your voice will respond. Confidence is a major factor.

I am sure that any actual vocal problems you may have Franco will be able to help with. I have watched his videos and have gained a lot of help with them.

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I personally sense that the main reason you're moving slowly on your dream is you don't have the right mentality about it. But that's good news because you may be able to change your mindset pretty quickly, and then the physical progress of your singing will start speeding up immediately from there.

If you make a serious effort to start thinking in a more optimistic, positive, forward thinking manner, I guarantee you will start progressing at a faster rate, very quickly. You may already have a good idea what successful people do, and how they act and think, but if you don't, you can find a lot of the answers on the internet! Search "success" on youtube or google and start listening to motivational speeches and such. Watch some TED talks that are marked "inspiring". You see, the easy first step to becoming closer to achieving your dreams is to start imitating their behaviors right away in whatever ways you can, and start believing that if you act like these successful people, you will eventually start becoming successful, because that's literally how you do it. It's how I've been becoming more successful in my life. I am inspired by those who are successful and imitate their behavior in every way I can. Everything from what they post on social media, to how they interact with people, to how they manage their time.

An idea relating to that is to start seriously planning your future, instead of just hoping it will come. Once you start writing it down, every specific step, and start taking small steps toward your goals every day, that's when you'll start moving forward. And don't get upset when things will usually take longer than you expect. It happens to all of us, all the time. But with a positive mindset, the way you handle that is you never ever complain about the past, or make assumptions about the future based on past failure. You just adjust your plan and keep moving forward.

There are also some mental tricks you can try to get yourself to be more confident, make faster progress, and move forward with a positive mindset. Take a few minutes right now to SMILE :), and walk around with a confident, upright, open posture. Basically pretend to be happy and confident through manipulating your body language. Yes, you will be totally faking it. But if you keep doing it, your body will eventually trick you into actually thinking more confidently and happily. They've done studies to prove it.

Also, every night before you go to bed, vividly imagine yourself singing great. Think about it in every way possible, how your tone is, how it feels, etc. Study that vision analytically, in a multi-sensory way. How does great singing feel, how does it sound, how does it look? You will start finding answers within yourself, and that will speed up your progress as a singer tremendously.

There's nothing to lose with any of the above methods, they're free, they're within you. If you really want success, you're going to have to be willing to try them out. But it's okay, they're pretty easy and they'll make you feel good!

Also, be grateful for the improvements you have made in those few months and let that give you the hope to keep moving forward. Seriously, noticing any kind of improvement over a few months is actually a very significant achievement.

And as much as you'll hate it temporarily, if you can try to work a day job for a while, I'm guessing that will bring you greater happiness in the long run and bring you closer to your dream, because the money that you earn from it will allow you to invest in resources to improve your singing career. You'll be able to afford more lessons, more studio time, etc...all of which is essential to speeding up your progress.

It takes a lot of work and strategy to become a "superstar living their dream", that's the bottom line. That's the reason I think so many people don't make it big, it's because they are not willing to put in the effort. And it takes time. On one hand, you need to have the drive to want to progress at a fast rate, but you also need to be patient when things take longer than expected. Becoming great at anything takes years. And some people learn faster than others. But in my personal experience thus far, when hard work, strategy, and valuable investments combine, that's when the fast progress happens.

Now am I a famous successful singer, no. I'm a college student, and I'm still working toward my dream too. But I do have a few youtube videos up, I'm working on an album, I have a small online fan base. And I can tell you for sure, it took me years of hard work and strategy and investing loads of money in musical training, just to get to where I am today. It's really a long, hard journey, but if you can't imagine doing anything else, I'd invite you to go for it. After all the hard work and time and planning, there WILL be the priceless reward of becoming a successful singer. As long as you don't give up and you are willing to work hard to succeed, you're pretty much guaranteed to get there.

Hope that helps. GOOD LUCK! :)

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thanks Owen. I have tried a lot of what you say already, except the TED thing. Over the course of 4 years, and I'm still at the beginning of my journey and that is what hurt me. But I guess I just have to keep going. You never know, I may be about to turn the corner without even knowing it.

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Another thing to remember is that even "Over night" success stories were ten years or more of on the road training and singing in small clubs before that one hit song brought them to stardom.

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were both part of the Mickey Mouse club as children and on Talent shows like American Idol. Even then it took them years after the fact to be "Famous" in their own right.

Success is a matter or perspective. I played Bass as a Teenager and was playing the bar scene 3 nights a week for more than 7 years strait. At that time having a "Steady" place to play every week was a major success. Most other bands at the time were lucky if they had a place to play one night a week.

Being able to sing on a video and making a carreer out of singing is two entirely different things. Do not give up your dream but also do other things while working towards your dream. Talent is not the only thing that gets you where you want to go there is also a great deal of work and a lot of luck( being in the right place at the right time).

You hear stories about Madonna being discovered sitting on a porch and Whoppie Goldberg being found in a homeless shelter. The truth is both of them were working hard acting, singing, dancing and learning their craft in other semisuccessful productions. They also have some other successful people who knew them before their rise to fame.

I do not write any of this to dicourage you. More to let you know that what you are going through is part of the journey. Do not give up your dream. Keep working at it.

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read my initial post. I don't know when the next time I'll see him is, I don't have the money. I don't want to ask him and have him tell me he'll have to charge me for that information. Its just one question I'm asking, you know? I just want to be sure that if I exercise this falsetto thing, I'll know where to start.

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Please don't give up!

I am not an expert but for what it's worth, I really like the sound of your voice.

It may get too thin at times and could propably use more breath control, but apart from that - at least to my layman's ears - it has a very nice natural sound.

You seem a little nervous too in the video - understandably.

That certainly wouldn't have made it easier to sing with confidence.

For me, whenever I get nervous or too self conscious it totally messes up my support.

Also, the song you chose seems rather demanding. Maybe you should try something less difficult?

Sorry I can't really give you any useful advice. I just wanted to tell you that I like your voice.

On a different note: does Mr. Tenelli really charge you for answering a single question? That would seem a little cold to me.

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Maybe I can try to ask him, and get back to you guys depending on what he says.

RedOx, thank you so much for saying you like my voice. Its always reassuring to hear that you have something. Tenelli told me I have a "gift" and a beautiful tone, which is why he agreed to work with me at a discount. But I'm still not making enough money to see him regularly. Anyway, I'll keep working on my dreams!

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Tenelli is versatile and can teach pop too. I chose him cause I wanted the best, but I have been considering other teachers lately.

I have started focusing on breath control, and just improving what I know about appoggio. I had mastered falsetto and head voice and other voices like that with the voice placements technique, but I am starting over in some ways learning how to sing and having control over my voice with the appoggio technique. So I think that's what affected me in the video. I feel a lot more positive after talking to you guys. So thanks.

I'll keep coming back here every now and then whenever I need it.

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I will stick to my original post. Your technique or the physical operation of your voice has nothing to do with the problems that you had in the video. Do not think about how you are going to sing this note or that note. You need to connect emotionally with the message of the song. The message of the song will guide the softness or intensity or sultry quality or loudness or ................................

This song is about the singer wanting to get all down and dirty with the person he/she is singing to.

On the surface it is about being on the dance floor and dancing and having fun. But the underlying intention is about spending the night with the other person. You need to be kind of sexy and flirty while you sing this. You are trying to convince the other person that you are the choice for him to spend time with, not the other girls.

Forget about how to hit that note, think about how you want to express yourself.

Training is about hitting notes. Singing is about expressing emotion and telling a story.

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oh, well I guess I had a different interpretation. I took it as someone who wanted to conquer the world for a night and have fun. So I sang it as someone taking control and encouraging someone else to do so. That's art, we all have our interpretations. :)

That is good interpretation also. Even as someone Taking control there is a certain attitude. Think of this. In those times that you have to take control of a situation. Do you speak in a soft voice in a calm fashion. Usually a person would put their foot down and say "ALRIGHT LISTEN UP. THIS IS THE WAY WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS."

It is in the attitude. Your notes are fine. you have a good strong voice. Attitude is what gives a song "Spice", "Energy", "Excitement". Attitude also helps keep the rhythm of the words going and helps with the dynamic flow of a song.

I know that I have a bad way of explaining things and my meaning can get misunderstood. So if anyone could put this in better words please do so.

I am only trying to help and I really think that this is part of the problem.

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nadine, i think what md is trying to say (correct me if I'm wrong md) is if you look at your video there is a very tentative look to you...we're not seeing a commitment to involving yourself in what you're singing.

that lack of commitment whether real or just perceived will impact your vocals and your audience.

if your goal is big time stardom, how you're perceived by the audience will be as much, if not more important than your vocals.

i hate to say it, but the truth is a good singer is a dime a dozen....i.m.o. but someone that captivates you is quite another thing.

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