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EE Vowel Giving Me Trouble... Ih Vowel To The Rescue!?

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Hi everyone... my EE vowel sometimes feels "overly thin" and lacking in resonance but when I sing "Iiiiih" first it helps mellow out the sound (rounder). Can someone explain this sensation to me? How can I use this fully and apply it to my singing through passaggio and even regular speech? Since "EE" is the vowel which gives me most power in my head voice... yet the infusion of "ih" makes the tone FEEEEL more balanced.

Am I crazy? HAHA ;)

- JayMC

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have a set up for "ee" from a setup of "ah." frisell would always say sing the vowels through an "ah." a nice exercise to help you set up for, and focus the "ee" is to simply sing notes alternating between the two...the mouth should hardly move. watch out for the tendency to close down the "ee" and pinch it.

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