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Dion Montana 888

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Well, you said a drop D, that is simply a modification on the tunning of the first string of the guitar. Used to do power chords down to the D5th (and simplify the shape even more), using the higher gauge string.

If you change the key of the song half a setp, or a whole step down, then it may help, since then you will sing the melody lower and avoid a possible difficult note.

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Standard tuning of a guitar is EADGBe, Drop-D is DADGBe, Standard down-tuned 1 whole step would be DGCFAd.

But I think changing keys can be used as a crutch sometimes. If you're doing it because you can't sing through your passagio, which many people do (and I used to do this) then you're just avoiding what is really the best-souinding part of the voice (for many styles of music).

So, change the key for now so you can keep singing, but keep working at the trouble spots.

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