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Angels (cover by Kristoff Martin)

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I think you had plenty of power. You had the right volume in the various places in the song, which I have heard before. And that helps when we review each others' singing. For example, I have covered lesser known songs by lesser known singers and not received any comments because the song was unfamiliar and no one had anything to compare to other than if the song meant anything to them, or not. And sometimes, not.

Anyway, I noticed that a number of your submissions look like they are from the same night. Was this a showcase for you? For a number of singers? Was it a talent show, like the Voice? A run-up show to such a televised show, maybe?

I noticed that you also ask for likes on youtube, so, that's good marketing. A few books I have read recently on marketing yourself on line also recommend that. Get yourself heard in various avenues. Though, I like to think, it is best to target your audience. In business, 80 percent of success comes from 20 percent of the effort that most people expend. Because that 20 percent represents the specific market that really wants them. Instead, concentrate on that 20 percent and your returns can rise to 400 percent.

There are a number of different singers here representing different styles and genres. Some are into R&B. We get a rapper, once in a while. And even though I am not big into rap, sometimes, I am the only one to comment.

A few country singers, now and then. A singer of arias and art songs. A number of "rock" singers, often representing either the harder rock or even balladic hard rock. It seems that everyone has covered a Journey song.

So, define your audience and sing to them. And remember that if you don't get a lot of comments here, it is not because you are not a good singer. It means you don't have as much of an audience, here. Even though it is nice to have the bragging rights of applause from fellow nit-picking singers. Eventually, it's going to matter more that you get applause and ticket sales and album sales from the "real world" where people buy your music because of how it makes them feel.

The technically best singer does not necessarily win a competition. A good case in point is Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Adam, by the estimation of the judges and even Kris Allen, himself, was the technically better singer and just as emotive. Yet, Kris won by popular vote. He just has that "thing" that the general audiences want. At least on that show. Who was the "audience"? Young ladies fancying which one they could have a romance with.

Careers after that still require hard work and I see more in the press about Adam than I do about Kris, which is not meant as an insult. Depends on the audience and which day.

Also, lack of comment may not mean anything bad. Everyone is busy with their own lives. Or may not feel competent to comment. I may not be competent, either, but that has never stopped me from commenting. :lol::lol:

Sometimes, no critique is a good thing. And like a lot of audiences, they may have appreciated your soundtrack to their lives, even as they are busy with their own.

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Hi singing newbie and rowns. I thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it. I sang a total of 8 songs during this event that's why most of my videos you see in my youtube channel are from the same venue.

I was a guest for this mall show for a fashion show and sing whenever the models would have to change to their outfits.

When I knew about this site, I immediately signed up because I wanted others to comment on how I sing. I never had any vocal training. Self-taught if you may. That's why I always fish for comments, whether it's good or bad so I would know what are the things I need to improve as a singer.

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