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Inexperienced singer, less than amateur recordings

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I have been singing for about a year. I don't get much time to sit down and practice but I still enjoy playing my guitar and singing. My videos are terrible quality. Two of them were recorded with an HTC Evo phone, and the two most recent recordings were taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note II. If anyone has problem watching them let me know and I will try to upload them to YouTube and share links. I can't remember the exact dates I recorded and uploaded but I will post the links from oldest to most recent.


This is a cover of "Stomach Tied in Knots" by Sleeping With Sirens. They are one of my favorite bands, especially recently.


This song is called "In The Middle." It is a cover of a song that is by Closer 2 Closure.


Another Sleeping With Sirens cover. Song is titled "With Ears to See And Eyes to Hear." Completely different rendition of it though. I cant remember where exactly I set my capo, but I covered the song in a way that favored my voice.


This is the latest recording of myself. And this is "Name," a song that was made famous by Goo Goo Dolls. I love the band and this song.

Criticism and feedback is always appreciated. Be mean if you must but I like to be critiqued in a positive way. I don't mind hearing my faults, and can even handle people being mean, but I prefer for people to be nice when criticizing. I've heard people say things like "you suck" and "you can't be a good singer..." and it kind of hurts, but more-so fuels me to practice more and drives me to get better.

Thank you! :)

Jake W.

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