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Maximize Skype Lesson

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It is much better being in the room with a teacher... however for some of us that is not possible. What are some ways to make the most out of skype lessons with a certified vocal coach? How can a "video call" make me a better singer? :/

- JayMC

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All of the above.

Pull out some kind of portable recording device, record the entire lesson (so you not only get the exercises but the talking, answering questions, explanation, etc. which is equally valuable IMO).

And if the teacher says something you want to be able to remember without going through that full hour of recording, go ahead and type yourself a note. It's easiest to just type it in the skype IM so it's there in the history.

Also, just having good memory helps. :D That's been working for me lately since my recording devices have filled to the brim and I haven't yet taken the time to delete stuff to get more space...

A few other things:

Warm up before the lesson.

Have good internet connection, the built-in mic sound quality is usually fine as long as the internet connection is good.

Have your preferred form of hydration handy throughout the lesson

That's basically it.

I actually took an in-person lesson with Rob Lunte once when he came to Boston, so I can tell you straight away the comparison of skype vs. real life. In real life, you hear your teacher's voice in way more detail so you can get a better idea of what their voice is doing volume and tone wise and then it's easier to imitate it accurately. Other than that, absolutely no difference. People really underestimate how close skype lessons are to the experience of a real lesson. I've always said, a skype lesson with a great teacher is better than an in person lesson with an okay teacher.

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My skype sessions has given me alot more than than my IRL sessions with certain coaches. Ofc being in the same room will help out more than being on a video call, but a Skype lesson really gives alot of improvement if you have a good coach and practice diligently between sessions :)

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From being on the other side, Ive been doing this with beginners lately:

I usually note down all the points and exercises planned, with references and the points of execution where focus should be on.

Then on the end of the session, I just ask it back and make the person note their own answers. This saves time and writing it with their own words makes everything clearer,useful to spot doubts too :).

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