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What mode in CVT terms?

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Hi all!

I couldn't access my other tmv so here I am with this one from now on.

Anyway. I wanted to ask you what mode this is in CVT terms? Is it neutral or Curbing? Its just so I know from what point I should practice from to the direction of where I want to go! :)


A tip for people who might find it challenging to develop singing through glottal attacks, do NOT force them, let them just happen. I forced them, and when I did it right, it felt like the glottal attack was done literally inside my brain, and I could feel the sensation that the voice finally came forward into my face, right through my sinus! :)

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Thank you so much for the help here!

I tried to sing the first part of the song.. I wonder if I sing the whole thing Curbing? Coz when I sing lower notes I feel my power is disappearing. Also I stand about 1.5m from the iPhone mic whb I recorded it. https://m.soundcloud.com/smoothoperator-cvoice/10-january-2014-14-25-38

I do need to make sure I start with a non-constricted glottal attack, that's where I also can control my voice a bit better..

How do I improve and make my voice sound fuller in lower notes? Do I do something to my Curbing or learn to do overdrive? I want it to have a thicker sound, not nessesarily louder, but more speechy? :)

Thanks for helping me guys x

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