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Learning singing on low budget?

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Private voice lessons cost about $50 and up per hour.

Is there a low budget way to learn singing?

Are there such thing as group voice lessons?

Or do-it-yourself voice lessons, with an occassional evaluation by a live coach?

I'm not interested in classes offered by community center because they are usually one-off and are not very serious.

Specific recommendations near Seattle east side will be appreciated.

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My personal experience, although I haven't tried much cheap vocal programs/teachers, the best bang for the buck I've found is definitely Phil's Skype lessons.

And in my personal opinion regarding the formats, I get the most out of private lessons by a long shot, a little bit out of programs, almost nothing out of books. The lessons are the hardest misinterpret so the results are more guaranteed, whereas with the other two youre on your own. However with most programs there are lectures/exercise descriptions which are helpful with interpreting things right.

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My personal advice would be to take a lesson with one of the aforementioned:





Take a lesson once a month or so and work diligently on your own in between the sessions. If you put in the time you will see gains alot faster than on your own in my experience. Lower budget will compromise your speed and quality I believe (i.e working ONLY with a programme rather than the programme + the teacher which is also a good option but more pricey).

Hope it works out, good luck!

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Mivke has a good list, Id add Rob Lunte to it, for $100 he does help a whole lot especially if you leave a good amount of time between lessons with him.

But again, Phil's lessons are the best value I've found, the quality of teaching is easily comparable to the other guys charging around $100

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