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Need some help, and advices. (high notes)

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Hi everyone i recentrly did a vocal cover of fly from the inside by Shinedown, and i1m curious what you think about it? What should i work on, how should i work on etc.

thank you for your help! https://soundcloud.com/f-ckingjedi/fly-from-the-inside-cover

i think i am a high baritone but that doesn't matter for me anymore i jsut really want to sound good. sing high notes with some grits if i want to and of course in clean sounding. and there is something i don't understand. it feels like weak when i sing in high range. don't know what is the exact problem maybe i'm just hipochonder about this haha, but really theres something maybe it sounds like airy from my perspective. tell me what you think about it! thank you again!

edit: and of course i know it's not the best A4 but i'm really trying!

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