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First post, trying to figure things out

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This is my first post, so first off I just wanna say hello to everybody!

I tried going to a singing teacher a while back but had a horrible experience. She could not classify me, she kept jumping back and forth telling me I was either a tenor or a baritone. My current vocal range is F#2-F#4, she said my range was more or less a baritones but my timbre was a bit more like a tenors, that my vocal weight isn't as heavy as a normal baritones.

She did say that I have poor technique (I raise my larynx) but that I showed the potential to at least getting up to G#/A4 (she had me do sirens and I was able to hit A4, again with a raised larynx though). I asked her about learning how to use a mixed voice and she just kinda looked at me like I had 3 heads, so that went no where. I stopped going after the 3rd class, it just felt like we weren't making any progress.

I'll post a link to some songs of mine where you guys can hear my voice, maybe you guys could help me out and let me know what voice type I most likely am or at least in the ball park. Also, if you guys have any suggestions on programs (or people to maybe contact through Skype for lessons) that would be appreciated!

Any input would be appreciate and thanks in advance!

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i would not think about the classifications as they really don't matter in pop music. I would just get the fundamentals and a good solid foundation down first., if you can hit the f4 comfortably move on to the f#4 if you can't hit the f#4 that well go back down to the f4 and practice all the vowels and approaches to it then move on the the f#4 and then to the g and so on don't rush it. Also practice sirens letting your voice flip to falsetto . Then when you sing don't worry about what you can or cannot sing, just sing your songs or cover songs or whatever. Then get back to practicing and don't worry about singing when you are practicing...

Good luck there are plenty of teachers like myself on here that can help ya...I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.:)

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hiya friday, welcome to the forum.

depending on your age, and how long you've been singng, i wouldn't concern yourself with vocal fach (baritone, tenor, etc.,) right now. it may be too early to classify you accurately.

here's a great article to read on this subject.


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