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Hello, first post :) Topic: Help with twang/quack

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Hi everyone.

I'll try and not let this post get too long-winded.

Just to give you some backround I have always been a chest puller. Growing up I played a substantial amount of gigs playing rock often covering foo fighters songs just as an example. I stopped singing for a few years due to well... being homeless. It took a while but now I'm back on my own two feet and am taking some well earned time off to get back to doing what I love.

I'm planning on saving up to get the 'four pillars" program and probably beforehand get some facetime with robert lunte on skype but that won't be for a couple of months yet.

Right let's get down to it:

Quack/Twang/Pharyngeal voice

Pharyngeal voice in sls really screwed me up, it helped me bridge a bit but my head voice became unpleasant and far too much sound was coming out of my nose.

The last couple of days ive been doing "meow" up and down through the passagio and pinching my nose to keep me from placing my sound too far up in there. It has yielded results in strengthening my head voice, the cords are definetly adducting more however this sound is horrible for singing.

Is this "quack" vocal mode?

If so should I carry on quacking through my bridges with sirens etc.... to strenghten my voice and then let off that feeling for singing to achieve "twang"?

I have good breath support and can lower my larynx at will, have'nt tried vowel modification in head voice yet though, I used to do some naturally to be able to "pull" chest higher.

To simplify:

- is "meow" quack?

- should any sound in quack and twang be coming through the nostrils?

- should I keep using that meow feeling to build strength in the head voice and let off it for singing

Thankyou in advance for your help, I look forward to reading your replies

p.s. please keep in mind that that i'm going for a chestier Chris cornell or even ideally dave grohl (lol in head voice) tone rather than axl rose. If my assumptions are correct then that geezer can't stop quacking ;)

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"Is meow quack?"

No. meow is the cat sound, quack the duck sound. They CAN be used to achieve the same, with correct applicario .

"through the nose"

Depends on what you are doing and what is the goal of the exercise.

"should I keep using"

I dont know, but chances are that no.

There are at least 3 coordinations that could be worked from such reference. Just quacking without a bigger context will not do much.


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pharyngeal and very extreme ammounts of twang is by very few considered "singing" sounds. Consider it more of a strengthening exercise something that gives you alittle extre umph if you want to.

With that said, pharyngeal is only one part of the puzzle and if you use it all the time (in the exerciseform quacks meows) in singing can cause you to become unbalanced

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