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Would appreciate some input :) - Parallel Minds by Conception

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Awesome. You sang it with more balls than your others. I was however waiting for the high note at him the end... and it wasn't there!!! I know you can sing that note.... email me that backing track if ya can at keith_goehner@yahoo.com :)

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Thanks, Keith! :D

This track was recorded in two different days. If you listen closely, on the first verse and chorus My voice was kind of tight on the high range, and with not as much presence as I would like. From the second verse to the end was recorded on the next day, and I felt like my high range was very opened up, with much more strengh. One can notice on the C5 ( IIRC ) of all of the "miiiinds", haha.

I'll send ya the track when I can, mate :) I'd love to find an instrumental version of it :/ But Conception is a very unknown band, and this is the best I could find haha ( If not the only version, lol )

EDIT: As for the high note at the end.. Honestly, I forgot about it, lmao. I haven't heard these songs that much, and I had to constantly keep reproducing some bits of the song, because I couldn't remember what he did. On that particuar part, I dunno what happend.

It sounds good, I think, anyway.. cus somehow I believed he hold the note like I did... but now that you tell me haha It wasn't like that.

It is a D#5, isn't it? A D5 is my last solid note, some days I can do E's, and other days I just get to a D#.. but that'll come with time I think :)

[OFF TOPIC: I have a hypothesis about compression linked to range, man.. I have noticed people like Brett Manning, Daniel Heiman, Michele Luppi, even Manolito Mystiq or Jens in here, who have a LOT of compression capability and very SOLID core to their voice, have also a massive range.

I have friends that get easily to an E5 or an F5 ( not singing, or singable, of course ), without any training, which I envy a bit haha And I think it is in fact my LACK of compression, and breathy tone tendency that impedes me to reach higher notes as easily.

The days when I feel more compression and beefyness are exactly the same days where I can reach a lot of low and high notes I usually can't do.

Has someone experienced something like this too? ]

In some time from now I will re record it, to use all of the progress made with training.

Thanks again for the input, Keith :)

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