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A really great distortion singer

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This guy isn't a pro which makes this pretty impressive. There's two singers but the raspy one is the one I'm focused on. How does he get that tone safely? I'm guessing a ton of support. How do you get support like that?

And here's me attempting the same feat:

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I was waiting to hear something extreme but i think its intermediate in terms of distortion. I am not a serious singer so take my advice for what its worth.

Warm up, i mean do a good warm up and not a louzy just to feel you completed your "duty" of warming up. You have to understand its for your health most of all and then quality. If i do a good warm up i find it really easy to apply distortion without even trying much or tightening the abs like no tomorrow.

Do breathing exercises before and after your warm up. Might be boring, might have been doing them for years but trust me - actually not me but it'll take few lines to explain - they will help you go the extra mile.

Start slowly in a comfortable pitch, for me its a bit on my highrange, i cant do it on low notes without beeing focused and alert for you might be lower than your disired pitch, start building from where you can.

Drink water like every 5-10 mins, small shots. If you normally drink 500ml in one hour (example) drink every 12' 100ml or 6' 50 ml, not all of it every hour.

Stop if it hurts or you feel somethings wrong, take a short brake and try something different.

From what i heard you should lower the pitch it doesnt sound good to me and i dont think this will get you somewhere good, i could hear straining.

*Also what makes you so sure he is getting it safely?

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