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Huge Realization... Technique vs Air

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I do not need anyone to tell me this. Figured it out on my own. Feel free to disagree. The better my technique.. the LESS air I need... That super high C or whatever that used to feel "pushed" sometimes comes out of nowhere loud, clear, no air (to me it feels).

That means sometimes my most POWERFUL notes will feel as if I am not using air at all. This is HUGE for me... because it's 50% mental blockage that is screwing me up.

How do I reinforce that my loudest notes are EASY... and do not cost as much air as I think?

- JayMC

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Pretty simple in my eyes.

Through your training and singing you gained better support and coordination, so the notes you had to muscle up on and shout/push more air/belt have become a lot more coordinated and you have pulled back on the supply of air and eased into the note a lot more.

A natural process.

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Good technique... works nearly instantly. For example, I have no clue what you just said.. or how to apply it to singing LOUD, CLEAR, LITTLE AIR.

But sometimes I just tell myself... "hold the air back, don't let it go... make everything SHAKY (resonance)"

Now that simple phrase... I apply it to even the "smallest" note... or largest note. It instantly helps. Sounds stupid but it works for me.

What I am asking for are specific exercises that will expand on the technical goal. Singing loud and clear while using little air... for example (unvoiced-voiced, comfortable pitch) ss-ss-ss-zz-zz-zz-AH-AH-AHH! for reps lol, getting louder each voiced staccato. After this... I take a little break... sing a little passage. Re-do!

A natural process. But I just facilitated it ;) nearly INSTANTLY.

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Jay, its not a matter of using more or less, but using the correct ammount to not have it pressed or airy.

Pick a piece of paper, place in front of your mouth and sing a vowel. Keep the sensation of flow and release, but dont allow the paper to move with air.

Transform the air into sound, but dont squeeze it.

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I agree.

You cant even begin thinking of resonance before you adjust emission and breathing.

Air must flow, the pressure must be just the adequate ammount, emission cant be airy, and it must be just transforming air into sound, instead of pressing it.

And if you dont control this on chest voice, its not by going high and trying to do acrobatics with resonance and tons of postures that you will do it.

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i do believe there are times where pressing the voice has it's place ...when you going for a certain sound or effect...

i don't see it being bad technique.......in fact, the only really bad technique i see lately, is a lot of singers with consistently airy voices bending pitch....you can hear the air flowing past the folds and them emptying out of air so quickly. .....

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