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Can't feel the resonance?

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I have often read/heard that when you're placing your voice correctly, you should feel some tingling or vibration behind your nose(?) or in the "mask"

The thing is, that I can't feel any vibration anywhere even if my teacher says it's correctly-ish placed (and it isn't always, I have to do something to achieve it, but I have no idea what i'm doing). How can I know while practicing alone if I have the resonance or not? Am I just doing something wrong or could it be that some people can't just feel it?

I have tried all sort of exercises, but they don't seem to work.

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Some people don't really feel the sensations of bones vibrating with resonance. I don't. Even when the actual sound resonates very well.

I prefer to go by sound, and that's how you know when practice if you have the resonance or not, as well as by the way it reduces effort. Generally speaking, when it feels good to you and sounds good when you hear it back on a recording, it's good.

As far as actually finding the right placement, that's tough, but knowing the right vowel modifications, mouth shape, working on removing unnecessary tensions, etc. are a big help with that. It's pretty much all stuff that you need to study with a teacher though, to figure it out on your own would take a very long time

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