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How should your voice feel when you've fatigued it in the correct way?

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Hi there,

I've been singing for a couple of months now. At first I often got a sore throat but after improving my technique that is no longer a problem.

This week I have been making a lot of progress and singing quite a lot (at least a few hours a day) and today after singing I noticed a sensation that I haven't felt before and I am wondering if it is the result of normal fatigue from healthy use of the voice.

How I would describe the sensation:

- No pain or discomfort swallowing

- A slight dry airiness to my voice. I can feel the chords don't want to connect as easily but it feels like a very light and not painful in any way whatsoever. I know its not dehydration as I have been drinking an endless supply of water and even using a humidifier.

For anyone that says 'you shouldn't feel anything like that if you use correct technique' could you please tell me how someone with perfect technique knows that it's time to stop stinging for the day? There must be some tangible sensations or signs that the voice has had enough. What would these sensations be if you described them with words?


** Update. The next morning my voice feels normal again.

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They would probably describe it as you have. Singing for 2 hours or so is a good sign of doing something right. That's the average length of a professional show. 1.5 to 2 hours. If you clapped your hands fairly non-stop for 2 hours, they would feel a little warm. Same with vocal folds.

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