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Warning, pop music! Under Control by Calvin Harris/Alesso & Hurts.

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I don't know the song but you sounded very good singing it. No advice I could give, technically.

So, do you like doing a wide range of songs or do you have a preferred genre? For example, you have an heroic sound in your voice and could do darker material. Songs that sound "darker" or cover more serious topics. Especially as you have such an even delivery. The people I have listened to in pop music have voices less refined than yours and they sound best with this kind of dance pop music. Whereas, you have a voice that demands attention, rather than the background music at any club or rave party. Or, maybe, it's just the diva in me that thinks choice of song and voice should go together.

It's not a criticism, mind you. You sing well and you sang well on this song. But I have heard other styles from you that, to me, sound like a closer match of what your voice means, to me, artistically.

And that is totally aesthetic on my part, not technical in the least. For example, even if someone like Bon Scott could feasibly handle the entire range of "Nessun Dorma," he did not have the strong and clean helden tenor thing going on and would have sounded not as believable trying it.

I sound like one of those know-it-all judges on a voice competition, don't I? Great effort, just not matching it in my mind, your voice to this song.

And that is the indefinable thing? Can you technically sing anything? Yes, and you have proven that many times. And I am not judging you harshly, or more harshly than I have judged myself. For I have also sang different genres, with some luck, sometimes without. And I do best on songs for which my voice and and light and bright sound is a match.

You have a somber and "continental lover" delivery that is awesome. And really shines on love ballads a la Frank Sinatra. And that is not definable by range but by style and delivery. Would this song sell on an album? Maybe so, as a second or third track, provided the single and other strong tracks are more in line with the torch song delivery you seem to have.

Anyway, good job. My points are more about my opinion of how your voice is best suited. And you were not asking for an A&R guy but there I was, advising what you should sing. I hope I did not sound presumptious. Your vocal skills are excellent, as far as I am concerned.

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