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Hi all!

Thank you ever so much for the answers here. I do find doing Goog on a downward 5 tone scale startin at G4 does improve my chestvoice to lighten up, as I tend to "hit the wall". Like it got "crumbled up" if u get me? But sometimes I also just end up airy... BUT!

I've just realized that I also that between singing phrases in a song, when I am about to breathe, I apparently forget to relax my muscles during inhalation and engage the support for the next singing phrase. I always start a song the right way, but the rest of the song I feel I struggle and I just found out why. Coz when I inhale and "engage" my support, it all gets into right place.

Thought I wouldn't start a new thread about it.. and I am aware of SLS but i never found myself successful by doing their exercises coz i need to focus only on small bits at a time when imrpoving my voice, but doing them long massive scales seems so advanced, and I might do them later on, but not when I try to learn how to sing efficiently and learning to breath and support properly does solve 90% of all vocal issues im tellin ya!

Cheers guys!

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