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What You Won't Do for Love - Bobby Caldwell cover

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A little "blue eyed soul" cover of Bobby Caldwell's hit "What You Won't Do for Love". I heard this tune in an old movie and I recalled how much I liked it so I went onto iTunes and found, what I think, is an excellent backing track. This recording was done in one take, cold. I used my iPhone to look up the lyrics so please forgive a couple of small timing issues as I basically "sight sang" it (I hadn't sung or listened to this song in years). My pitch is not as high as Mr. Caldwell's is in the original, but I think it works well in this tune.

I recorded it using the VocaLive app on my iPad2, with a cheap Shure stage mic. I think the mix turned out well, but I'm always ready to hear suggestions or comments on how I could improve it. On the vocal track I used medium compression, a soft de-esser, a little reverb, and very little delay to blend with the backing track and to give it more of a studio feel. Please have a listen and as always, I appreciate constructive feedback.



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