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Tools to develop the mix voice?

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Hi guys!

I previously posted a topic about problems i was having with the mix voice and got some great responses on how to tackle it.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips/advice on appropriate exercises or things that i can use in my technical practice to help me develop my mix voice. It is an area i am currently focusing on (and struggling with!) at the moment and find myself running out of ideas/tools to use!

Also, if anyone can recommend any resources (good books,videos etc) on the mix voice that would be fantastic!

Many Thanks!

Hannah :)

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The exercises themselves don't matter all that much, what matters more is how you do them. You will get the best results with learning how to do that by taking lessons with a great vocal coach. In order of helpfulness from best to worst it goes: lessons, programs, books. So make your investments accordingly.

I'd personally recommend taking some skype lessons with Phil Moufarrege, he's affordable and really good at teaching mixed voice :cool:

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