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Tips on Getting a Certain Falsetto Configuration

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I've been trying to figure this out for some time. I've heard a few people make their falsetto sound this way, but I haven't quite figured it out myself. Videos are below. Tips?

At 1:39

At 3:01-3:25

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My falsetto/Shrill head voice seems to find this spot a lot. Some days it's strong some days it's weak and won't connect on the way down.

The way I found it was to go hooty and siren down the scale. Each time just simply concentrating on keeping it solid and present.

It will take time to build it in and steady it.

Try to swell the sound as well, messa di voce if you want to get fancy. Just go from light/soft to loud but don't blow out your vocals.

Yawn from a hooty head voice into your chest. Build it from there.

Watch the air on the onset too, too breathy and it will fall apart, hold back the air and it make start with a harsh onset.

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