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Short/fast breath, on chest or on belly?

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When i breath without time pressure i take an almost equal chest/belly expanaion with the belly filling first. When i have to take a really fast/short breath i target, unintentionally, the belly to be expanded and not the chest so i can push with my abs. If you had to choose one what would it be? I think chest expansion might be better because chests natural position is relaxed so it is naturally supporting the chords by tending to shrink sending the air out more forcefully - than the belly. Also i think most singers take a chest breath, from the lives ive seen, i see their shoulders raising.

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what i do.....open the mouth and throat, by configuring to a "yawnlike" setup, out with the ribs and back, then keep them out as you sing. don't actively inhale, don't actively intentionally draw in the breath...you just end up overtanking......when you overtank, you lock up.....learn to let the expansion of the ribs and back fill you. feel it in the bottom..just keep the chest comfortably erect.

a catch breath is just a faster version.

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