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acappella vocals

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This would be a cool thread to make a sticky of or something. There are so many acapella videos on youtube that really give an insight into a singers technique and what they are, and perhaps just as importantly, aren't doing. Quite a few I've listened to that have been quite heavily produced have been an eye opener as to how differently we can perceive a vocalist on record.

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these are some serious vocals from mccartney.....

0 to 2:10.....is great stuff to study.

Very cool.

I like how you can hear how he's not giving it 100% energy on the distortion...but holding back and thinning out a tad and almost intentionally adding in a carefully controlled husky undertone, that's probably what allows him to get back to the clean stuff so easily

It's hard to tell if he's more in chest or head there, he could be mixing...what do you all think?

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it's the tone...not just the height, the friggin' tone and intensity he gets up there......

he had kelly hansen posted.......but i got a hold of him and explained all about who sang it first.

must be a young guy who is posting all these vids...lol!!!!

update: the one below is the kelly hansen version..........not quite the same..........

lou gramm:


kelly hansen:


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