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Yet another song idea..

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What do you guys think? I kinda like the intro idea (albeit not the midi sound xD).

Singing wise I will adjust things like making a cleaner lead line and more coherent harmonies.


Best regards!

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Thanks for the input. Yeah agree, real instruments would be preferable.. Now I just need to find someone who plays the cello and the ocarina xDDD

Yeah, finding those is really awful. We're looking for someone to play a Cello or Violin (hell, even keys would be a good start) basically since the beginning of our band (which was over 1.5 years ago). 90% of those guys just want to play classical stuff :(

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Sorry it took me so long to reply, Patrick. I have been busy lately. Work, personal life stuff, etc.

I like this song idea and I would keep the basic construction you have so far. Maybe punch up the guitar sound a little to be LESS refined. This is a blues song, as far as I can hear and needs to be not so pretty. Let your voice be the only pretty thing in it. This will go well with the juxtaposition of light and dark that is in the song, already.

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Thanks for the feedback :) Ron you can always shout me a mail if you wanna talk, you know that right?

Think is, I like "pretty" :> That's why I'm such a fan of Power Metal (aka princess flower pop schlager metal) :P So the guitars are not too gritty, but still not surf guitars :> The song in it's entirety will be a very evolved version of this but I will keep the bridge (I loof the harmonies <3)

" They creep, under your skin.

Fast asleep, they play their games, deep within.

just a bite, every single night

slowly they bleed you out, wear you thin

as dawn betrays you it's lights grow ever dim...

.. "and they're gone, they chose to leave me"

ridden of a sunrise, a day can never be

senseless and forever - welcome to your unreality

Chorus -

Withering of mind, feel as your fall

Weary, hollow eyes gone cold

Bitter and denied, endless the stall

Leering in behind, eyelids turned mold"

Something like that...

Thanks Keith, you are spot on; I can't mix at all (I think I've said those words more than my amount of posts on these boards xD) but I always like to put up "rough sketches" since I'm so anxious for feedback in case something is just horribly out of place and needs to go before continuing. The final product will be mixed by my friend who plays the guitar and bass - He actually knows what he's doing unlike moi :P

I do admit to being a delay and reverb whore but when you just stack the same 4th note medium delay on 20 tracks it all blurs into a mess :/ I wish my ear could tell me that WHEN I attempt mixing.. But I guess it's because I know the phrases, the words etc so I hear it all clear because it's already in my head 'dry' -_-;

Any mixing tips are always appreciated, I know you are good at it Keith, I think you mixed.. Was it Still Loving You, Tallulah or Letter To Dana for me? :o

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