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Stairway to Heaven (with attempted High Notes)

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One take. I used to sing this in college, and would always falsetto out the high notes at the end (never had the courage to try them unless drunk). It's a key that's a bit high but managemable....but





Could Robbie really sing this live like the recording back then? It's hard because it's right around the 5th octave at the end on, which doesn't come to easily to me (my talking voice is actually high bassish idgi :o).

Anyway, it was fun to attempt, but I don't think I'd ever perform this one. I'm off time a bit cause I hadn't listened to the song a bit. At the end, there's a pause, cause I'm trying to keep the breath up for the phrases (I have asthma and no vocal training :(),

Let me know what you guys think. What am I hitting those end notes in? Head voice? It doesn't feel like chest voice when I do it, but it doesn't feel like falsetto either, and I can (barely) control/vibrato it.

Should I avoid those notes altogether or are they part of my range that I should work on with a coach etc?

Btw, I do a lot of vocal "wahwah" stuff. I liked when Plant did it live, not sure if it goes well with my darker timbre tho.

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