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Dust in the Wind - redone

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Hi ronws,

I heard both and I must say I like this one better, it's sounds more relaxed and confident.

In my humble opinion this is an incredibly hard song to cover as any flaws are instantly apparent.

If you get this one right, you'll have gone a really long way and you're on a good track already.



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Thanks, guys. I hate to admit it, but I did not practice the guitar part in between this time and last time. I did clip my fingernails, though. And this is the way I have always played this song. It's one of the few that my mother did like. And, by the way, this song is actually played by two guitars, whereas I am playing it on one. I have seen Kansas live, as others here have, and it was usually played, at least live, on two guitars.

As for the singing, I tried to sing it quieter than I have in times past. That seems to help with this cheapie mic that distorts on anything over conversational volume. And, I kid you not, even the guitar doesn't sound in recording like it does live, here in my hands.

But I didn't like the guitar track on the previous one and I was glad to re-do it. And I have left it up for comparison.

I'm going to work on pitch issues where I can, though I can't help the basic tone of my voice, just as I can't help being tall or blonde or blue-eyed. Some things I am just stuck with.

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