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I'm Having a Vocal Crisis!

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Here is a past fourm post which explains my voice.


It started last Saturday. At first, I thought I was sick, as there has been various types of colds going around. I've had the same symptoms of some sort of cold or infection (ex. cough, mucus, croaky voice) but haven't had a fever or any loss of energy. It was at about Tuesday of this continuing before I realized that something was up.

This sickness has been changing my voice. The croakiness of my voice aided in my discovery of my whistle voice. I managed to get one recording of me messing around with it before it disappeared. If anyone really cares about it, I'd be happy to post it, but it isn't long at all.

Then my falsetto started to change around last Wednesday. My falsetto register range has grown from a D5 up to an F5. It is quieter, but overall, it is making sound with more ease. This has remained for the most part, since Wednesday.

Then last night, I was able to sing quite well in what I believe to be a mixed voice between chest and falsetto, achieving a more tenory type sound with ease. This also disappeared as of today.

And finally, and this is the most painful, I have completely lost my ability to sing in what I have dubbed my countertenor register, which was the topic of my prior forum. I've cherished that aspect of my voice greatly, and for it to have just vanished is devastating. I can still remember what it feels like to sing in the register, but no matter what I do to try to sing in it, I can't. Not being able to sing in it has cut an entire octave from my range. This register(?) I had gave me an extension from around a C5 to a C6, but now all of that is gone....

Does anybody know what is happening to me? I still have all of my symptoms, so do you think it could possibly just be some sort of cold, or could it possibly be something more? If it is some sort of cold or infection, do you think that when I'm over it that my countertenor register will return?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cherish my voice greatly, and take excellent care of it. This whole ordeal happening to me has caused me great deal of anxiety, and worry.

Thank you.

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The samples I provided in the prior fourm really weren't any sort of vocal exercise that I've been doing, but rather just a way of highlighting and issue I have with that part of my voice. And what I've been working on with my teacher recently has been the strengthening of my falsetto, register blending, and mainly just seeing what my voice wants to do.

And if this continues, then I'm definitely gonna try to see someone. I don't believe that I have anything physically wrong with the vocal folds themselves, as I am very cautious in that regard.

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I dont believe it either. But since you are worried and writing about a Crisis, then you must eliminate the possibilities, first to not have this concern, second to be able to pin down what is happening.

Here is a more real world scenario, that sample you sent before is really strange because it is full of strange clippings and, because of the way you are using your high register. IF it was still an exploratory stage, then I figure its ok. But yeah, it would be inconsistant until you began defining the resonance more.

Loosing that is not really a concern, you are probably doing the same register in a different way when you exercise your falsetto as you were instructed, and, as you release some tensions, that thing will tend to go away of course.

Keep following the instruction, the range will come back but this time with quality. What is going away is that sensation you felt, not the register.


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Your sick... Im 99% sure it's just fold swelling.

Foldswelling= easyer to sing whistlevoice, can be easyer to sing fullout however our falsetto often takes a beating. Thats atleast how my voice behaves during a cold

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