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Suggestions on altering tone

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Hey guys,

I can sing some of my high notes pretty comfortably now. I don't know the exact notes (don't have my guitar with me and too lazy to use a digital keyboard to find out) but here's a sample.

I don't enjoy the tone, however. It's too whiny. Sounds too disparate from my chest tone. I don't know how to go about altering the tone. So any suggestions would be appreciated :)


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based just on just what i can hear, it sounds like the first step might be to work on your breathing and breath control.

your inhalation is very noticeable...it should not be.

you are emptying out of your air too quickly, which causes a breakup in your sound and these little gasps of inhalation.

singing is about controlling exhalation. you have to go from passive exhalation to active, intentional control of it.

do some research on breathing and breath control exercises and practice.

then, learn to inhale through the mouth silently.....can't do this justice over words, research videos on breathing. i could say just pretend you have been suddenly surprised by something, but this needs to be seen.

i highly recommend jaime vendera's breathing book.

i am very big on the whole breathing and support element..some folks don't place so much emphasis on it....

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