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A funny cover of that song the guy with beard sings U all love

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Yea I saw this a while back. As much as I imagine with better training and a more optimistic mindset she could develop the skill to sing the song in a few years, I can still totally relate, as a baritone wanting to sing tenor stuff.

Also takes courage to self deprecate and put it on the Internet publicly so I applaud her for that

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I agree with Geran. Who typed her voice, anyway? I can hear her vowels are off. And she starts off with too much weight in the low end and has nowhere to go. And she starts out singing in the popular husky r&b thingy.

Let get all "Felipe" on her and say she needs some real training with someone who can clean up her vowels and teach her how to dial the air back, just a smidge.

Then, again, I think stuff like this is still kind of in that Broadway Belt thing.

Anyone here get classified incorrectly from the start? Or misdiagnose themselves? I am certainly guilty of the latter.

At last, I know my voice type and can rest in comfort. I am a goosenfrabe. (Curses, Jack Nicholson) :lol:

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Really cool idea though, high or low voice! Funny!

I thought I was baritone after my break (puberty). Took me some 15 years to figure out I'm some sort of tenor. I didn't tried to figure that out for most of that time, just didn't sing much :) Once I started taking lessons I quite quickly could sing somewhat higher and more tenorish...

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