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let's discuss the lift

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i've been watching and trying to learn more about what it really means to open up in the back, the lift, the bite, the idea of getting height, (really good height) the raised cheeks...and it's really not an instinctive move, but an intentional vocal configuration and vocal tract setup that when set right can really improve things.

you won't think to do it, you have to develop the habit of doing it, till you just learn to setup automatically.

this guy does it where you can really see how it's done...notice the intentional configuration. i have found it immensely helpful if you remember to setup like this....

it's a little more advanced i think than ken tamplin's "it's the lah" but now really get it. notice the intentional bite....

if you do it this way you feel uncomfortable at first, like your going to look silly to someone looking at you, but when actually look in a mirror you realize the outer physical face setup is not that much different but it feels very unusual till you get used to it. you have to learn to maintain it..maintain the bite as you sing.

a show i'm in has me doing joe walsh's "life's been good" where you have to launch numerous times out of the gate on a full voiced a4. i apply this setup or the bite to these notes and i get a nice solid launch..i feel like i'm descending down on to the notes...and the notes come out solid, strong, and resonant.

i am going to be incorporating this bite or this configuration into my technique.


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@BOB Read caesari again. huge chapter very easy to understand.its all mental. I also have tried numerous times to help you with this buddy. But i don't have a interesting sounding name or speak in an accent. So you don't take me to serious.:D

wait... YOU don't have an accent??

this is news to me.


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Like I said, I didn't knew you could sing classical. I would like to hear that someday. :)

Yes he can sing classical il vouch for that! :) I was/am very impressed with what he showed me.

But enough with the asskissing lol ;)

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@ geran not if he doesn't want to . Adam levine has a style that he went for achieved and made millions i don't think he wants to change that up. do i think he could ? yeah I think he could(he could do it right now but in the classical world it wouldn't be viewed as terrific) just like when bolton did arias. He got shit for it but he still did it. and you could if you tried(but will you?) but like anything it takes practice. I personally don't have a "style" because i have had to mimic and sing a bunch of stuff (weddings etc). @martin i'm not saying I'm a Classical singer but I have sung Con the Partiro for weddings and functions. And I train the scales exactly like the dude Bob here posted no different. Are you saying classical is a separate entity?interesting. But then again anything said on the forum you will tend argue.:P If someone says i like vegetables broccoli spinach, tomatoes you would comment"well technically tomatoes are a fruit." or something along those lines.:P

You guys are talking about styles.. Pavarotti couldn't sing like James Brown and Vice versa but doesn't mean they can't sing the song. It just won't be as accepted in each musical genre..

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jees folks!

all i did was make a post to see if we can discuss the lift, opening up the throat, the bite, whatever term you want to use...i just wanted to talk about it.

i found it very helpful...can't we just discuss it in the same way we discuss other topics?

it's a very intentional vocal tract setup.......i found it to be a very beneficial one....you won't just stumble onto a thing like this...i know i sure didn't.

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Hey everyone, personally I have skyped with Dan, Phil, and Felipe.

Every one of these guys can walk the walk. But without discrediting anyone, hands down the the most "FLEXIBLE" singer... the singer who has probably performed the most is Daniel.

So when it comes down to it... would you take advice from some guys who claim to know about classical music with a cool accent (most likely computer nerds) or someone who actually LIVES and breathes the stuff.

This is the song that Bob wants to sing.

This is Daniel singing/performing multiple songs.. making it look almost "too easy". (1:39 is sick, note how he bounces back to performance mode almost instantly.)

Nothing more needs to be said. You choose the advice you want to follow. Just because something sounds more trippy and mystical does not necessarily mean it is right! LOL :lol:

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He called you out, it's what Martin does and always has done ;) That wont change regardless of who you are or your level.

Quite frankly I dont think anyone here doubts your vocalability on the contrary.

Cheers bro

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i actually found a thread here on the forum where the bite was discussed. i forgot what page it was posted on but i did save some documents posted there from the cvt book regarding it.



there's a bunch of sensations described to find it, personally i like the pretending to bite into an apple, then removing the apple and keeping the bite sensation. or the pretending you have caramel keeping your teeth stuck together and trying to pull your teeth apart (but not keeping your teeth clenched). also it's interesting how it says there may be some amount of tension in the jaw-joint when i hear so much to keep the jaw completely relaxed. yet i find i can sing louder with the bite and a little bit of tension there.

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Is this "LIFT" suposed to be the same as te "Bite" in CVI and the same as TVS' "Embrasure". If so what is it supposed to accomplish?

In the articles above they mention a tightening of the back wall of the pharynx. Is that the thing that makes the difference? or is it the Space created? and other questions that seem just as dumb but I can't think of them right now.

Any thoughts as to why it helps?

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Here's a guy that would do that lift with the cheeks. Kind of like Lilli Lehmann. Kind of like american opera singer Debra Lynn, when she studied bel canto. I wonder if this helped him last over 40 years in the biz?

Watch him closely. If necessary, turn the volume down. Watch what he does with his face and jaw.

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