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Vocal method for Rock singers

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I m new to this site :) and have a question.. I have been a pro Rock singer for the last 20 years and have never taken vocal lessons . Now I m looking to preserve my voice so i m searching for a good teacher in the Los Angeles are but i m getting a bit confused .

So many different styles of teaching , so many claims on the internet false or true .. Etc and some ridiculous advice that one could never apply in a Rock n rock situation

Can someone show me the light please ! :) .. I want to learn the proper warm up exercises and learn how to use the mix/middle voice , as I have been a chest singer most of my life

Looking forward yo the comments

Thank you


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I'm not familiar with locations in California but I know Daniel Formica and Ken Tamplin are both from somewhere in California and are both great coaches that have touring experience as rock singers. If one of them is close to you and within your budget go with that for sure.

I think there are a few more great vocal teachers in California I'm forgetting about...anybody know?

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