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Revelation On Resonance

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Hey all, have not found a permanent teacher yet, but I found a great read which said something striking .

You may agree or disagree but instinctually I have always felt this way. (I wonder why no one ever told me lol)

Excerpt from a finals paper:


If we know ahead of time upon which elements the greatest teachers of singing tend to

agree, then we can begin to comprehend far more clearly statements such as this by Marchesi:

“A singer who has learned how to breathe well, and who has equalized the voice, neatly blended

the registers and developed the activity of the larynx and the elasticity of the glottis and resonant

tube in a rational manner, so that all possible shades of tone, power and expression can be

produced by the vocal organs, would most assuredly be able to sing well, and without fatigue and

effort the long and declaimed modern phrases.”25 The same is true of the maxims of G.B.

Lamperti : “"If resonance disappears, you have lost the muscular connection between head and


The main point is "If resonance disappears, you have lost the muscular connection between head and


For me a lot of my highnotes I do not "feel"anything... sometimes I just hear a note. But I also sometimes feel that it can be produced differently with more physical vibrations.

Maybe some of you had figured that out but I never realized that before lmao there is an actual "resonance" overlap that needs to be felt.

Is this right or wrong? Or can a note simply be produced off "audio frequencies" or what you hear. Would that be sufficient enough to sing well?

- JayMC

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When you are singing correctly, resonance is what you make it. Up in the higher registers you can feel it more in your head, that is true. Sometimes I try to push to sensation into my soft palate to get a distorted sound. But it can resonate wherever you want it to pretty much. Yea, if you aren't going up correctly, the muscular connection disappears and you don't get a tone. So I can see the logic in that statement, but it is not useful in any way, because all of that is something you figure out through trial and error experimenting with your voice.

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It's been my experience it's possible to produce resonance in a way that discourages chest/head blending. So that statement is not entirely true. It's not about having resonance, it's about having the right kind of resonance. If you want to figure that out in quicker than the ten years of experimentation it would take to figure those shades out on your own, you really need a teacher to show you how to get the right vowel shades through the middle and how to vary them depending on the weight. Phil Moufarrege is really really good with teaching that (and affordable).

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