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Little lung exercise device

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So ! This just arrived from amazon


I am planning on doing a few weekly runs in the forest , to help strengthen my lungs and air control. If you look at the reviews they are all really positive ; I just tried a short run with it , and it really does provide good resistance. You can modify the inhale and exhale resistance independantly . I suspected a gimmick device at first , but it appears its worth trying !

I will keep you updated with progress , anyone else tried them ? They seem to be a cheap alternative to an "altitude training mask"

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I definitely have not tried that. Though I have tried running. Let me know how it works! A year or so ago I posted a clip of me sustaining a note for 57 seconds (it's not that long unless you try it). If you can beat that, then it must work! If it does, I may want to order one.

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