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Singing and spine problems?

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I'm looking for peer experiences with different spine problems.

I have a couple of tears in my lumbar spinal discs from lifting and wrestling, and osteophytes in my cervical spine probably due to the wear and tear of my hobbies.

I've found that while singing in the beginning aggravated my neck (causing tension, which in turn caused the osteophyte formations to pinch the radian nerve in my left arm, which in turn caused a crap ton of misery), it greatly helped my lumbar spine stabilization and deep muscles.

So... Yeah, anyone else have any experience with back problems and how has it affected your singing, or has it?

I guess I'm looking for positive stories, since just about everything on the subject is horribly negative, and I'd like to believe that these things won't disable me completely.

So in short: If you've injured your spine and recovered, please share your experiences.

EDIT: And please, no dime-a-dozen "where there's a will there's a way" wisdom. :)

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Two swollen or bulging spots in my back. No idea, though it is easier to list what parts of me are not impacted several decades of bad road. 3+ decades in construction. A few car accidents. Tumbles and spills in martial arts. And even that dirty word, genetics.

I wake up every morning with pain in my back. Not just some mornings, every morning.

When I say breakfast starts with ibuprofen, I mean, I get a cup of coffee from the coffee maker, grab the Ibu, knock down three, then I can think about eating toast.

But so far as I can tell, it is not affecting my singing. Though some might say I was not much of a singer to begin with so, it's hard to tell if there's deterioration. :lol:

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