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Possibly thee most epic rock/metal ballad ever ...

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Hey guys just thought id post this for the sheer awe it gives me ,

the whole song is great but a particular section of chorus and sustained note, around 4:30 .... just epic

when you think he would be out of breathe he bends down from the sustained note into another section

If any of you are familiar with the band Stratovarius , with amazing singer Timo Kotipelto ; this album was mixxed by their guitarist, Timo Tolkki

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Its good , but has less richness or genuineness/ hard to place quality , than the twilightning vocalist . I see you mention Jens, man his solos are just outstanding , i think he steamrolls Rudess , though with stratovarius he doesnt get to exhibit his prog elements that much

He's referring to the user Jens here on TMV, not Jens the keyboard player.

And I still think Highlander might be the greatest vocal performance ever recorded.

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