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TVS Training Intensive - 5-Days in Mallorca, Spain!

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Robert Lunte

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TMV World Forum Students:

I would like to invite you to join me and singers from around the world for 5 days of TVS vocal technique training in Mallorca, Spain in June. World Class Technique, in a World Class location.

TVS Training Intensive : 20 Hours of Training / Private Lessons / Holiday


Here is the Event Page & Registration:


Here is the Course Work for the 5 Days:


Learn About Mallorca, Spain:


- 20 hours of TVS Training Techniques. (4 Hours Every Morning).

- Room.

- Food.

- Drinks.

727 Euros

I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me personally if you have questions. You can email:


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That is so cool and it is comparable to many vacation packages. Instead of parasailing, you sing your butt off, which is heaven, for most of us, here.

But alas, I already have my "vacations." One is my outside a/c unit my boss replaced in August 2011 when my old one went out. The other one is in my car. My transmission locked up last year and my boss had another put in. So, my vacations are spent for a few years.

But, I can close my eyes and see you guys living it up in the med. And if you could share with us some teasers from the trip, when that becomes available, that would be cool.

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Do you have an extra ticket for me ? I want to go !!! :cool:

That beach looks really great right now compared to what I'm looking at ---- WHITE is all I've been seeing. To much SNOW ! And the sub-zero temperatures are killing me !

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We had an ice storm that has now turned into a light snowfall and it is all white outside, right now. Yeah, we get snow in Texas. It's been below freezing since this morning and the temp is supposed to drop down into the teens by nightfall, if it is not there, already.

And this has happened before. A few years ago, we had two snow storms in the first week of March. Kind of unusual for Texas but not unheard of. I imagine Steven Fraser is snowed in, too. He lives about 30 miles (48 km) southwest of me.

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No snow in Seattle at all... and the sun is coming out, follows by my Harley any day now.

The sun is coming out here, too. It was 13 F this morning and we are supposed to reach a high of 28 F.

Time for the bathing shorts, no doubt.

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