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Hoarseness whilst warming up

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Hello :D

I've been singing since forever and the last year i've been singing daily (gigs, open mics etc)

I think my technique hasn't been correct up until this year, after finally getting around to picking a regular singing teacher.

I used to smoke on and off for a few years (never heavy)

Anyway i've been having problems with hoarseness. I don't seem to have it when speaking, and doesn't happen very often when I am singing songs. It's mainly when I'm warming up and when singing in middle/ lower register (im soprano) I've been to the ENT as I was having trouble with my ear and left side of my neck and after an examination of vocal chords etc he couldn't see anything worrying, so doesn't seem to be medical.

Could it be from smoking / incorrect technique (I did have a habit of bad breathing and therefore tensing)? Is there any way of healing it?

Hopefully somebody can help me out, sorry if I haven't given enough information!


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Probably bad technique that involves how you're doing the warm up. Chances are if you're getting hoarse you're either pushing out too much air or squeezing the throat too much or both. But if your singing doesn't make you hoarse, use that as a reference and try to warm up more like you sing, that might be the easiest solution

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Smoking has nothing to do with it, especially if it has been a long time. After cessation of smoking, all affected tissues regenerate quickly. It could be how you are warming up. Find the new thing that has changed since you have had this problem.

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