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hey im a beginner and need help please !

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hey all im beginner singer , i started to do my vocal exercises about 2 weeks ago , i learn alone at home ,

i got a bunch of exercises i try to practice at. but i have a problem with the vocal exercises .. that i dont really understand whats going on , i mean i dont know how i should say notes : how to start , go up or down , if high or low note , i dont know how to move with scales and octaves and go through a bridge and such things . i try to hear the exercises , but i dont figure out how i should go with the exercises .. i tried to search online for such tutorial, but i couldnt find anywhere , all videos just start the exercises and go on scales but dont give an explanation for dummies like me .so do i go like the tones of do re mi fa sol la ti do ? from lower note to higher note or what ?

wonder if someone here can tell me where i can get a free book online to know the differences between scales notes and the difference betweern scales and octaves and bridges ..and how to go with the scales practices, when to sing high and when to go low ! or maybe a free videos series to watch the explanation of such things ! i would be really thankful if someone can help me with it ... and i wish i was clear with my problem , if u dont understand what i mean i can explain more ...

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Find a good teacher and never worry about the "mysteries of the voice" again

is that should be helping me ? how do u think i didnt think about it ! -_-

i dont live always in the same town i cant keep attend the same class always , + i dont have time + those teachers need a lot of money :P

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When one asks a question, one must be prepared to accept the answer.

In the original post, you pointed out your problem and your path, so far. Searching online and finding various scales and stuff. But not an idea of what to do and when. And so the advice was offered that you should get a teacher.

Whatever electronic device you used to post in this forum, whether it was a mobile device or desktop computer, it cost someone some money to get that device, and the internet service to get you "online." Point being, you could take that money and get a few good lessons that would answer most of your questions. You don't have to spend the equivalent of a college education or spend years going to lessons, though some do. You just need some lessons in the right direction for you and that happens fastest with a singing teacher who is competent. And when you say there is no one near you that can teach singing, does that mean that you live in a cave in Afghanistan? Otherwise, any small town will have church choirs. Any middle-sized town will have theater groups. And any middle-sized to large town will have a college or university where you get lessons really cheap with students who are undergraduates and post-graduates in voice. But Phil is right, teaching yourself will take way longer than studying with a coach, even for a few lessons.

And, here's the hardest part, listen to the coach that you have. They can hear you acoustically, not through the artifact of skype or any other medium. But, if you want to do skype, you can, and people are getting good results with that.

I taught myself to play guitar and it took me years to be halfway decent. My brother, on the other hand, had lessons in a number of instruments and he got good, way quicker. And we were always poor. Some of the lessons, he got as a result of being in music programs in school, such as marching band and the performance band that would do recitals. As it stands, now, my brother can play rings around me, on anything.

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