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cvt and support?

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quick question,

i notice on their webpage describing the three over principles it says, "During singing, the waist muscles and solar plexus are pushed outwards whilst the abdomen around the navel is gradually pulled in in a constant and sustained manner ". I've heard other vocal teachers saying that too.


is that correct, because at least from my experimenting you can't push the waist outwards and have the stomach go in at the same time. and secondly, shouldn't you not push any muscles in a particular direction, but engage them in a tensing/bracing kind of way.

then from other sources i have read and then tried on my own, including a CVT teacher on the site forum ironically, the waist/pelvic floor should be tense/engaged but after the inhale it should gradually go in, correct?

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they don't say pelvic floor though, they say waist muscles. and when you say sucking up the pelvic floor are you referring to the kegel? cause what i'm doing is tensing the waist and pubic region, but i make sure it goes inward otherwise my stomach won't go inward.

also when you say chestiness, does that mean chest resonance?

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hey big mike dont push anything if you dont have to. In other words if you laugh simply just laugh you will feel an outward movement of the epigastrium(right below where your ribs meet center of your chest couple inches above bellybutton..) which should be happening when you do a nice solid voiced ah. Done your supporting just fine.;) hope that helps.

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yeah but you can tighten the abs a lot or a few, or manipulate any 'support' muscle and not change a thing in your voice and sensation/constrictions, so for some people it's difficult to find the coordination (we are all different), and i think the reason it could be really difficult for some people, is that they practice exercises of un-voiced breathing support, and separately, voice exercises but without finding a way to release tensions or improve phonation in any way while 'supporting'.

for this reason breathing exercises should always have voice and the first priority should be release constrictions while improving the overall coordination, thanks to breathing.

This is a very confusing statement..However it could just be a language barrier.

Don't tighten your abs, let them become firmer because of having a good solid phonation.

then you will not have constrictions..

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Yes the lower ribs will automatically expand. The breath will have nowhere else to go unless you take a high breath.

If you look at my "How to build a stronger mix" series, I cover a lot of this in Lesson 2.


yea i already subscribed and started watching the lesson yesterday, i plan on watching the rest probably tonight. how often will you be sending the videos?

also thank you for them.

Then you inhale while keeping your lower abs in that position -- don't let the lower abs fall out.

i re-read that part. is that what teachers mean when they say keep a high sternum. cause i remember reading if you can't get it there without breathing was to raise your arms over your head then bring them down and keep that position. but i could never get there without raising my arms, so i guess the solution is to tuck in the lower abs before inhaling?

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