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Celine Dion Teaches Vocal Warmup

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Hey all,

Just thought I'd share how Celine warms-up!!! It goes to show that even some of the greats put in WORK to get there. Not everything will be served on a platter. Soo much technique in one video! She has no shame doing funny exercises lol! :)


The 2nd video is insane because although lip rolls tend to "waste air" for me... Celine manages to do lip rolls for a long period of time and did not even take a huge breath before hand. Definitely someone who has freakish breath control, inspirational.

Hope you all enjoy the videos!

- JayMC

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These were posted ages ago.

She just has good breath control and vocal technique.

She's not doing anything special or out of the ordinary.

Also you are correct, she WORKED for it. Didn't spend every day on a forum looking for the "perfect" sentence that would somehow fix her voice or the "perfect" exercise.

Benefits come from physical activity.

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