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Have y'all seen this?

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Jim Brewster

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My apologies if these have been posted before. These are the lists from wikipedia of tenors and baritones in non-classical music. There are also lists for female voice types. In the light of all the questions about classification I think it's a good thing to discuss.



Of course it's wikipedia, and these are subjective and of limited relevance compared to genre and individual vocal characteristics. The articles do a good job of pointing that out. But still it's fun and interesting, isn't it?

I mean, as much as we tell people not to think about classification, and how it doesn't really apply outside of classical music, how many of us don't feel like we fit in one "camp" or another?

I used to think I was a bass, but when I read about what that means in a classical context, I realized I'm more like a baritone. Doesn't really change how I sing, or keep me from wanting to expand my usable range in every possible direction, but still it's a somewhat useful description for my basic voice type.

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I dont find it fun and interesting, its exactly the kind of thing that makes classification more of a problem than an useful tool.

In the same page you have Dio, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Dickinson, Bono Vox and Rob Halford.

These voices are totally different from one another, both on timbre and the execution... Maybe Bruce would fit closer to tenor but even so...

In the end of the day, this list will boil down to the range these singers used...

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