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Absoulste beginner seeking basic advices

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Absoulste beginner seeking basic advices


I have been a music lover my whole life but now want to be more serious in singing. Since I am not able to get a vocal teacher at the moment, I tried to learn from online materials first but with no improvement. Therefore I decided to join this forum and record some singings.

Just want to say any advices/comments/criticisms are sincerely welcomed. I tried to record a song that I think can expose most problems of my singing. It is a Japanese song call NOT FOUND by Mr.Children.


I do have a few questions I would like to ask specifically though:

1. When I sing I never feel the use of air. I have read some materials about breathing/diaphragmatic breathing. But none of them talk about how to use the air to sing. I have tried the exercises, I can feel air goes under my diaphragm and not going into chest. However, when I sing the needs of air usage seems minimal.

2. My singing voice is “throaty” and I think mainly it is because of the way I speak that affects me. Is this due to the breathing problem above? Is it also because of a wrong choice of resonator?

3. My gf told me that sometimes I suddenly sing too loud that made her so uncomfortable (especially chorus). How can I control the volume when I am singing higher notes?

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