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How to approach CVT for efficiency

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Alright, so the book says to create your own practice routine, I'm just curious to know what some other people's routines look like for an example.

Also, are the modes supposed to help with range or is that just a sound type of thing to work with (ie edge and overdrive for the upper range, curbing for the middle, and neutral for the low)?

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The book is a great book for reference. Although you could try to build your own practice routine from the book I think you would want to find an actual program like Lunte's that is all about vocal workouts.

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Before you read the book, you need to determine what it is that you as a singer are trying to achieve. Maybe just read the introductory chapter first and then determine your needs. Are you looking for more power? Then focus on the metallic modes. Are you looking for really soft, light singing? Focus on working in Neutral. Are you just looking to get a brighter or darker sound in your voice? Then focus on the sound color section. Are you just straining in your jaw and neck? Then focus on the section on support. Etc.

You really have to know what it is you're trying to achieve. I consider the CVT book only for an advanced student that has specific needs; the beginner is just simply going to get lost and overwhelmed in all the information. It's not very helpful if you're trying to use it as a general purpose, vocal exercise program.

Well, I'm not looking for it as a training program, more like a supplement for my current training. My primary focus is on power in the upper range and to be able to go higher with it, however, I do wish to be versatile in my style of singing so I can be light in my style of singing when thats the best sound for the situation. I'm looking more at a power metal type of sound for my voice.

But I will take your advice, thank you :D

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