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How to practice to improve my voice?

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Just started taking private singing lesson last week. We did some warm ups and explained to me how chest and head voice work. And also taught me to bend 90 degrees to hit high notes and slowly build from there to strengthen it. My question is, was my coach doing it right? I'm sorry if I didn't give her my trust.

My main question, how do I practice to improve my voice?


This is an update from the second lesson.

So we basically just did some warm ups and vocal exercise. She always need to correct my first note when we do vocal exercises. I can listen, but I can't hit it right? I always hit it too high but because that's what I listen. She asked me to pick a song and I picked Rolling In The Deep by Adele. This is the most fun part. She said that I sang it way too flat, finally I know what's my problems are. She asked me to sing the song with the dumb voice and slowly go from there in order for me to hit the right note.

How do I improve my pitch effectively?

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The coach should have assigned you something to practice and told you how to do it. If not you can assume they want you to practice exactly what they had you work on in the lesson.

Coach sounds okay but we would need to know more as the weeks go on. If I were you if trust her and follow her instructions precisely for now

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why don't you ask the coach you paid good money for that question should easily be able to tell you!!


if you just be a good student and the results will come pretty much no matter who you're studying with

what does being a good student entail?


practicing what you are assigned

practicing what you are assigned in the correct way you are assigned to approach it

practicing a lot

practicing 4-7 days a week

practicing 5-15 hours a week

practicing multiple times a day if possible

did i say practicing?

asking questions

making your vocal teacher late for their next lesson with the amount of good questions you're asking (ssshh it's my secret don't tell anyone :lol:)

following directions exactly

doing just a little bit of experimenting outside of those directions

making note of things your teacher tends to repeat

recording lessons and listening back on your down time

showing up to every lesson and being professional

staying healthy as a human being so you can be at your best as a vocal student all the time


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